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For a small business that promotes from within, your leadership training has proven to be a worthwhile investment in our newly promoted supervisors. Immediately after your course, I noticed a positive change in the way our supervisors interact with their subordinates. The role-plays and real-life examples of what works and what doesn't work for a supervisor, as well as the segment on Effectively Managing Conflict, taught skills they will use for the rest of their careers.

Tom Harris
Director of Safety and Quality of Life, Times Square Alliance

Deborah Avery helped me identify the blocks that were stopping me from moving forward in my career. I definitely felt I had a breakthrough. Now I am ready to take the necessary steps that will get me to the next level!

Timberly Whitfield
Host, "New Morning", Hallmark Channel

Deborah is a sagacious adviser, astute observer and she has a keen ear for detail. Those qualities, combined with her ability to diplomatically discuss and identify potentially sensitive topics, make her an ideal executive coach.

Peter Tuffey

I just finished a coaching session with Deborah Avery and see how she can benefit executives in formulating a career plan and attaining goals. I highly recommend that anyone interested in making a change for the better give Deborah a call. Successful investors have brokers that advise them where to place their money. Deborah can help you map a strategy to build the future you desire. Let her help you decide how to invest your time and efforts in the most productive way.

Arty Storch
Worldwide Law Enforcement Consulting Group, Inc

I'm so grateful for all of your help. You have been one of the greatest inspirations of my life! You really helped me realize that my goals were within reach and that I could accomplish them if I kept my focus. Believe me when I say I could not have done this without your guidance. You are my hero and I mean that!

PFC Keyla Kelly
United States Army

I want to thank you for the coaching you have provided me. Your guidance has helped me gain clarity on turning my career in another direction and hopefully making the second half of my working life a rewarding one. It has given me the jumpstart I needed to take action and inspired me to take the necessary steps toward acquiring the knowledge I need to make my dream a reality.

JoAnne Bille
Director, Service & Account Management

Between running a new business and raising a family there didn't seem to be enough hours in a day. New York Executive Coaching and Deborah Avery helped me define realistic boundaries to manage my day so that I'm able to accomplish more.

Robert Allen
Syzygy Entertainment Inc.

I can say without hesitation that I could not have successfully launched my own company and grown it several times over without Deborah's coaching and mentoring. She didn't provide me with the answers--but rather showed me how to find the answers within myself.

Kevin Avery
Mere Words Media Relations

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