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Organizations often recognize top performers by promoting them to management positions—without providing any leadership training. This often sets up their best and brightest to fail.

When it comes to leadership, on-the-job training doesn't work. Our leadership training, conducted on-site or off, provides frontline supervisors and managers with the invaluable interpersonal skills needed to lead a multicultural workforce.

Management strategies and corporate philosophies differ from company to company, but one thing remains constant regardless of the business you're in: the need for effective leadership.

Effective leadership is the number one vehicle for accomplishing your goals and positively impacting your bottom line.

We can help. By choosing from a menu of interchangeable modules, we can customize a leadership training program for your organization's specific needs.
  • Supervisory skills: It's not just a matter of doing what you say—it's doing and saying the right thing.

  • Communication techniques: Everything we do communicates something: tone of voice, posture, facial expression, eye contact. Is the message you are giving the one you want to convey?

  • Presentation skills: The way in which you present yourself and your material is 90 percent of your message.

  • Constructive coaching: Feedback isn't enough. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn, every challenge a vehicle for reinforcing your corporate philosophy.

  • Managing conflict: If you don't know how to manage conflict, it will manage you. There's a saying among human resources managers: "The job would be easy if it weren't for the people!" This might be funny if it were not the number one challenge facing organizations today: managing people in a multicultural environment (where different communication styles can result in mixed messages and unnecessary friction).

  • Becoming a multicultural person: The fact that we all come from different backgrounds—culturally, socially, economically—automatically creates a set of interpersonal challenges within a team. Turn those challenges into opportunities: our common link is that we are all different but all focused on the same goal.

  • Problem-solving: Equipping your team with problem-solving skills not only empowers them, it makes them more effective. If the only tool they have is a hammer, every problem will look like a nail. We arm your team with an effective array of problem-solving tools and show them when and how to use them.

  • Effective counseling: By learning counseling techniques, your team members are able to curb potential problems before they mushroom.

  • Reward systems: We are all hard-wired to seek the approval of others. Understanding how to provide that positive reinforcement in a systematic and meaningful way doesn't have to cost anything—and affords a significant return on investment.

  • Managing stress: If your team is stressing, you should be, too. Not only does it impact their results, it leads to illness, time off, and increased medical bills. Our solid, stress-relieving techniques take the pressure off both your team and you.

  • Time management: "There aren't enough hours in the day!" is a common cry of the overwhelmed. In truth, we have the same amount of time each day as the world's greatest leaders and thinkers, past and present. We can reveal one of their secrets to success: how to manage time.

  • Creating a culture of leadership: Every team member, in terms of their own responsibilities, is a leader. By providing them with the tools and incentive to model positive leadership, they are better prepared for any eventuality while at the same time serving as an example for their direct reports.